Red Marbel 717

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Red Marbel 717 is a specific type of limestone that has been dyed red.

Red marbel 717 is a stone typically comes in thin tiles and is often used for flooring or cladding walls, much like brick or wallpaper might be installed. It can also come in the form of countertops but it’s not as common due to its cost. Red Marble 717 is typically make using powderd marble which is then dye to the desire color.

Marble is a natural stone that can acquire the most different colors based on the minerals present in it:

for example, in the case of red marble,

without a doubt, hematite or iron oxide are among the elements that give the stone its characteristic red color.

give Undoubtedly,

red marble along with black marble is one of the marbles that is able to inspire the idea of ​​luxury and splendor to the room in which it is install.

There are many varieties of red marble, which are especially use for vertical or horizontal facings

(such as red marble flooring) or for creating design objects and furniture.Red marble is a marble that is quarried all over the world and actually comes in many varieties.

One of the most important red marble mining sites is the Middle East region, but Italy can also boast of countless varieties of red marble,

all of which are very special and refined.

The distinctive pigment of red marble seems to be related to the activity of iron bacteria that live in microaerophilic environments.

However, not all red marbles have acquired their typical pigment through this process: each type, in fact,

has its own history, and the contribution of iron bacteria to determining its red color is always different.

Most types of red marble are of calcareous origin, with the exception of such as Peperino red marble,

which is of volcanic origin,but each has very different color characteristics.

Some types of red marble have a more uniform background with spots that can be bright red or dark red.


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