Gray Marbel 716

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Gray Marbel 716

Gray Marbel 716  is black with irregular white lines. Marble 716 that ,is mostly use by, engineers and architects and they use it in interior design .

Red Marble 716 Pitra gray marble is a type of Persian gray-black marble. Petra gray mine is located in the south of Isfahan province and is more than 100 years old. Gray Pitra marble has very little water absorption and is made of durable stones that are considered resistant stones. The best type of this stone has white veins with less width and no burn marks on the surface, this beautiful stone is very popular among international stone contractors.

Pitra gray marble is a kind of dark gray stone with the characteristics of white quartz, common marble in Iran. This mesmerizing dark gray stone is especially suitable for building stone, countertops, sinks, monuments, pool cladding, window sills, ornamental stone, interior, exterior, wall, floor, paving and other design projects. Petra Gray Marble, Persian Gray Marble, Petra Gray Marble, Petra Gray Marble, Gray Crystal Marble, Petra Grigio Marble, Graphite Gray Marble, Petra Gray Marble, Iranian Nero Marquina…

Pietra Gray inspired by the gray varieties of calcite marble. With a smooth and compact appearance, its uniform background evokes shades of charcoal and graphite. The combination of subtle white streaks and the subtlest linear washes of slate paint exudes beauty and elegance. Its gray marble appearance is ideal for flooring and cladding in contemporary environments that aim to emphasize the extraordinary aesthetic impact of this natural element.

نماد «مورد تأیید انجمن»

Pitera Gray Marble is composed of muddy charcoal gray colors and striking white veins throughout. Therefore, dark and light gray marbles with many streaks or limited white streaks are available in MGT’s ready stock. Pietra Gray Marble can be polished, sawn, sanded, stone veneered, sandblasted and rolled. Brushed pitra gray slabs and polished pitra gray slabs are the regular products of MGT stone factory.

نماد «مورد تأیید انجمن»
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