Green onyx 630

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Green onyx 630 is a type of marbel,its rich pattern and translucency make the onyx very exotic as it infuses a high end look to your space.

Green onyx 630 marbel is a beautiful fine-graine stone with distinctive patterns hence,it comes in shades of green that work well with todays trending pop can be use in numerous ways on vertical and horizontal surface in the form of ountertops,floors, onyx marbel flooring is slowly becoming a popular choice amogst can also be use to create sinks,lamps,and sculptures,onyx is availabel in the form of titels,mosaics,and slabs.the most splendid interiors claim green onyx pieces amongest their ornamental elements.internationally recogonize architects and interior desiners use green onyx in thire most emblematic hotel and residental projects.this stones best feature has to be its high-end look that adds luxury to any space it occupies. the rich patterns make one piece uniqe from other. green onyx marbel ,also known as lady onyx green marbel,

this marbel is utilized to construct surface whre its distinctive trait of transparency toward the light may be employed dramatically for fireplace surrounds,tiny islands, walls and bar tops. green onyx marbel is a popular natural stone for outdoor and interior floors as well as cladding, and it may be found in both architecture and sculpture. Onyx is a famous stone for many reasons, including its color, rarity, and brilliance. It is a semi-precious stone created by parallel bands of color. Since ancient times, this stone has existed and is known as a symbol of the great social status of the Greeks and Romans.

Onyx marble is one of the most expensive and elite semi-precious stones.Onyx’s lack of transparency is an interesting feature. It is more transparent than marble and is a great choice for lighting or artistic applications such as a wall or surface that creates a shine and highlights patterns.

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VITFA  is an exporter company in iran, we supply, provide and export any kind of iranian natural stone.

We produce Iranian Marble in form of slab, tile, step and stone objects and we have also designed and produced our exclusive products in line with our creativity perspective

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