Marble Blueberry Slab 2113

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Marble Blueberry Slab 2113

This Marble Blueberry Block 2112 has been used in the construction of public buildings since ancient times. Palaces, basilicas, temples… all are decorated with this sedimentary limestone, which is composed of calcium carbonate deposits. Since it is considered a first-class decorative product, its virtues are many: not only does it offer important compositional properties, it is easy to work with and gives it great strength. It also has great beauty.Marble Blueberry Slab 2113 and The Vitfa Stone travertine range is a true ode to beauty.


Marble is derived from the Greek word marmorose, which means shining. In general, the brand name of this stone in the world is onyx (onyx) which means bright and transparent.

Marble stones are extracted in different types and have different uses and features, which we will explain below. Below we have provided you with the catalog of all the marble stones available in the market.

First of all, note that marble has many differences with marble, for example, marble passes light and is more decorative (due to its high price and rarity and special characteristics such as pressure tolerance, water absorption, porosity, etc.) but marble stone is different in these characteristics, this causes their use to change as well. Please read the following text to buy with more knowledge and knowledge.

If you have ever visited stone exhibitions, the stunning beauty and splendor of the marble hall will amaze you. The transparency of marble stones is so great that the viewer will see an image of a rough sea in front of him when he sees them. This transparency has caused the light to pass through them easily. The lobby wall or counter table will create a very stylish and luxurious atmosphere.

Marble is a calcareous metamorphic stone and is formed from the metamorphosis of limestone. The main mineral that makes up marble is calcite (caco3), which is also found in other limestones such as limestone and travertine.


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