Cream Marbel 714

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Cream Marbel 714

Cream Marbel 714  is black with irregular white lines. Marble 714 that ,is mostly use by, engineers and architects and they use it in interior design .

Cream Marble  is a type of marble that has a light cream color and swirls of dark colors. It can be find in many different places around the world and  it is often use for decorative purposes.

Marble is a stone made of calcium carbonate that has been subjected to a natural recrystallization process. Marble formed by the transformation of other stones by high temperatures and intense pressures. As a result of this process, new minerals, textures and structures form a large number of different types of marble. Marble is a beautiful stone that due to this natural and random event, marble is found in different colors and textures. No two marble slabs are alike, and this is part of the reason why they are so popular.

Marble has always been one of the most valuable stones for the home. From glossy marble tables to cool marble floors.

Marble is cut and prepare from different mines, so there are different types. Therefore, to classify marble stones, they are classified based on the color spectrum.

Cream marble has a wide range, this stone is a suitable choice that always has its beauty. Some colors are warmer and some are more subdued, all with their own glamor. A wide range of light beige colors illuminates the space with its own light. Cream marble has a unique beauty. This stone provides a certain warmth and style in the environment. Those who decide to use it know that it is a safe choice.Cream marble stones are often low-veine or have golden-brown streaks. Low-cream marble stones have a uniform appearance, which has led to the use of low-velocity cream marble stones in the building, including stone. Are considere popular.

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