Blue onyx 631

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Blue onyx 631 is one of the most popular stones with a vibrant color spectrum and subtle elegance.

Blue onyx 631 It has a bold sky blue background base with soft orange, white and yellow streaks, flame-like patterns and texture that gives a stunning flare appeal to the entire decor and adds a stylish yet elegant feel to the overall look.

Blue onyx is a wonderful stone with powerful healing properties and inspirational meaning. However, it is often overlooked in favor of other healing crystals.

نماد «مورد تأیید انجمن»

Blue onyx is a beautiful stone full of eye-catching colors that match the waves of the ocean. Contrasting shades of blue create a captivating look that you can’t help but appreciate.

As mentioned, the beauty of this stone is only partly a product of Mother Nature. Blue onyx has alternating bands of chalcedony. It looks very similar to agate, but the bands are parallel rather than curved. That part is completely natural

نماد «مورد تأیید انجمن»

blue onyx comes with vibrant light and blue tones and hints of whites swirling between the striking waves of blue. in addiition ,it gives rich blue hues with extra elegance to the interior of houses. onyx features  transparency,which makes it ideal for laying backlight. becase of its uniqe appearance, this blue onyx stone presents a host of application possibilities.

blue onyx is a natural onyx stone. it is used for flooring and wall cladding of houses and commercial spaces like shops and restaurants. also it can be use in design decorative lighting accessories. this natural stone is gorgeous and, looks wonderful after all the finishing has been could last a generation if correctly cared for. it has a smooth and honed surface finish and a very long-lasting shine. also,it is a very popular choice for commercial and housing projects, it can boost the energy within a room or a living area.

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