Dried Melon

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1. Vitamin A is dried melon, hence the faulty healing and renewal of body cells play a role. 2. Dried melon has a diuretic effect and is useful in diseases of the kidneys and bladder Haysng, this disease should eat less salt, and pepper. 3. Dried melon is rich in vitamins A, D and C and cellulose. 4. Dried melon due to laxative effect, for the treatment of constipation may be recommended. 5. If meat Dried melon crush and burn ointment on superficial burns your skin, it will be treated. 6. melo for acute cough, chest pain and fever and severe throat helpful. 7. Dried melon is Basafzaysh milk in lactating women. 8. Dried melon seed kernel of popcorn warm nature. Dried melon seeds roasted marrow of a Khasytadrar Apr 9, softening and enhancing sexual desire. 10. Dried melon is useful to people with pulmonary tuberculosis and anemia. 11. Dried melon, light complexion and dropsy disease (feel thirsty permanent) cure.

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