Sargol (Coupe) (All Red) Saffron


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Sargol (Coupe) (All Red) Saffron

Sargol saffron is actually what most people have in their mind from saffron. In this type, the creamy part (root) is completely removed and the whole red colored stigmas are separated from each other, the purest part of saffron.This is ALSO known as ALL-RED or COUPE in the other countries.In some cases, saffron is also called Sargol, in which case it is divided into two types: Sargol Negin, Sargol Momtaz. Sargol Negin is, in fact, the same definition of saffron as Sargol and the Sargol Momtaz squirrel is, in fact, with a part of the creamy yellow color.

Among the different types of saffron above, Sargol saffron coloring power is much higher than others and its about 210 to 260 units.

The use of Sargol saffron is more common than other types of saffron.

Uses Of Saffron

  1. Saffron is Used in many types of foods to add both flavor and a bright yellow color
  2. Saffron is used for a lot of medical purposes such as: Helps with digestion; strengthens the stomach and is anti-tympanites
  3. increases sexual desire
  4. Is analgesic like pain killer, especially for colicky pains and combats gingivitis
  5. It Helps to fight tumors and collections the free radicals (thus reacting against cancerous cells).
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