Mazafati Date

Mazafati Date


Also known as Bam date.

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Used more for direct consumption.

Mazafati Date

Saravan and Iranshahr in Sistan and Baluchestan province and Bam, Jiroft and Kahnuj cities of Kerman province.




Mazafati Date

    Dates of Mazafati is a variety of dates attributed to the city of Bam. The Mazafati date has a high moisture content, hence, it can not be considered as dry matter. Baza Dates are sold in different countries and brands, either in the domestic market of Iran or in foreign international markets.

The MAZAFT DATE OF BAM has a lot of moisture. To distinguish the quality of these dates, act as if the amount of juice of a date is higher, the quality and degree of those dates are also higher. The



Facial Features

The color of the Bam Date is black and shiny. Its skin is thin and its skin does not wrinkle. The Mazafati skin can easily be detached.  weight of each date box of Mazafati Bam is more than 10 kg due to its high salting.

This fruit is useful for the treatment of diarrhea due to the presence of high potassium.

The point to be taken into account when using dates is that they should be washed well before use. Because it is sticky to the skin due to the presence of syrup, it absorbs any kind of contamination.

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Weight10 kg
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