Pink onyx 632

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Pink Onyx 632 has mastered the beauty of creating a beautiful landscape and brings a sense of grandeur to your new kitchen or bathroom and makes your home look amazing.

pink onyx 632 has a pure and bright pink color in the background and like the white streaks it combines this feeling with art. When it comes to choosing a kitchen table, one of the things that has become very popular in recent years is the onyx table. Iranian pink onyx stone, delicate, unique and intense. This rock is very beautiful and stylish and is suitable for indoor paving and luxurious spaces. Afghanistan and Pakistan are also known as sources of pink agate, but due to the purity and darkness of Iranian pink agate, Iranian pink agate is the best selling in the world.

Pink onyx slabs are produced in Iranian factories due to their beauty and popularity. The mentioned stone is a favorite among designers who use this stone with other bright onyx backgrounds.

Iran has different pink onyx mines, and the most popular pink onyx mine is located in the northwest of Iran, which is pure dark pink color, so it is ready to supplement the pink onyx block. This mine is able to produce high quality pink onyx blocks in large standard block size and depends on customer order.

Pink onyx tile is expensive compared to other Iranian onyx colors because it is rare and unique, so it is usually not cost-effective to produce tiles from this stone.PINK ONYX is an exotic pink slab with incredible clarity, color and depth amidst striking black streaks. Since ancient times, pink agate has been revered as a healing stone that promotes healthy relationships and acts as a protector against various ailments and pains. Whether one agrees with these ideas or not, its beauty cannot be denied.

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VITFA  is an exporter company in iran, we supply, provide and export any kind of iranian natural stone.

We produce Iranian Marble in form of slab, tile, step and stone objects and we have also designed and produced our exclusive products in line with our creativity perspective

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