Saharkhiz Sargol (All-Red) Saffron

For centuries,  Iran is a leading pioneer in the production of the best saffron in the world. Saharkhiz Saffron is providing two kinds and grades of saffron:  Sargol (all-red) and powdered

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Saharkhiz Sargol (All-Red) Saffron

   For centuries, the southern Khorasan in Iran is a leading pioneer in the production of the best saffron in the world. For this reason, Qia’at is called the world’s saffron capital. Saffron is not the same in all kind of  the quality and strength. Saffron of Iran has different grades, which varies according to the type of harvest. It has its own smell and aroma, which the smell may decreases  after a short time. with stroking the saffron , this fragrance will come back.


   Saffron has medicinal properties and food color. Saffron is basically anti-depressant and refreshing to help improve gastrointestinal function.
Iranians, while exporting saffron to many parts of the ancient world, introduced the properties to the Greeks, Romans, Chinese, and Sami people, including Arabs.
Saffron is used extensively in foods (especially rice), confectionery, pharmaceuticals and other industries for its taste, smell and yellow color.

Saffron of Iran

    In Iran, saffron produced in many ways is divided into several forms. One of the oldest terms used in this field is (red part and white or yellow part of saffron), which is also called saffron in Persian and is known abroad as Bunch or Red & White saffron. In fact, the red part in this type of saffron should be between 75-70% and the root or cornea is about 25-30%.
The newer names of saffron were sorgol Saffron, which was produced from the saffron Bunch, in that it separated the yellow parts with scissors and then separated using static electricity, and obtained  cleaner and completely red, which in English It’s called All-Red, and it’s similar to a saffron called Coupé. Later, the saffron, which is used to make them directly to the red part (only a very small amount of jaundice), is called slush, perhaps because it finds a bulky

Additional information

Dried saffron Nutritional value per 1 tbsp (2.1 g) Energy

27 kJ (6.5 kcal)


1.37 g


0.12 g


2 mg

Vitamin A

11 IU

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