Electric Bonnet Knife Gate Valve

Electric Bonnet Knife Gate Valves are known as slurry gate valves. Its are unidirectional knife gate valve with bonnet. The completely enclosed body-bonnet structure ensures zero leakage from the knife gate to the surrounding

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Electric Bonnet Knife Gate Valve

The other name of Electric Bonnet Knife Gate Valve is slurry gate valve. In addition to, it is unidirectional knife gate valve with bonnet. Also, the completely enclosed body-bonnet structure ensures zero leakage from the knife gate to the surrounding. This valve is very suitable to contaminated/hazardous media for the safety of surrounding


1. The gate of the fully closed knife gate valve is embed inside the valve body,totally isolated from exterior environment. The valve cap is provided with round stuffing box which can effectively avoid the leakage of fluid media.
2. Knife edge gate provides strong cutting stress and tight sealing.
3. Valve seat is replaceable, reducing the maintenance cost. Also, preload seat is adjustable to meet different sealing class and compensates normal seat wear.Seat retainer covers the side of seat and prevents seat from direct flow flushing.
4. Both top part of the gate and bottom part of the valve body are provided with hold-down devices.

Technical Specification:

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Moreover, electric bonnet knife gate valves are extremely suitable for being applied on automation control systems that call for frequent open and shut off, and high environment requirements. Including food, brewing, coal liquefaction, sewage treatment, petrochemical, steel and other industry.


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Additional information

Size Range


Pressure Range

Class 150 /PN6 /PN10

Applicable Temperature


Connection Type


Sealing material

Rubber, PTFE

Body Material

Carbon steel,stainless steel

Disc material

Stainless steel

Pressure test

GB/T13927, API598

Face to Face

GB/T12221, API609

Valve body

GB/T12224,ASME B16.34

Operating Mode

Hand wheel,Bevel Gear,Pneumatic,Electric,Hydraulic

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