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VITFA - Our Mission

Iran is one of the best producers of Aloe Vera with the best quality. As well as the highest quality gel of this plant also produced in Iran. Our goal is to match the needs of the customers in the global market with the products of the Iranian Aloe Vera. we offer the high-quality Aloe vera production in three grades: Medicinal, cosmetic and food. Our products are available in three complete forms: plants, liquid, and powder.
We declare our readiness to produce aloe vera gel powder and gel. Production of powder and gel is going to be done at the customer’s request and with any particular analysis they want.

Our Aloe vera Farms

Due to the weather conditions of four seasons and suitable soil, Iran is a very good place to grow and cultivate different types of aloe vera. Includes Aloe Vera Barbadensis and Aloe Vera Sokatra, who have extensive use in various fields like, cosmetics, food and drink industries. In terms of excellence, one can not be preferred to others, and they are distinguished entirely according to the need of consumption.
In this country, Alovera is also grown in the fields of Alovera, and also, it is taken care of in a greenhouse.
Iran is a great place to supply this product, and due to the growth of conversion industries in Iran, it is easy to obtain the Aloe vera gel for inedible and cosmetic grades. For this reason, VITFA is ready to offer Aloe Vera gel to the world’s market with the highest standard and quality.

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Whatever You Want From Aloe vera

Our products are delivered in different shapes according to customers’ needs. Complete plant, spray, extract and gel within the leaves with a shelf life of up to 24 months, gel powder, as well as complete plant powder with gel and leaves.