The efficacy and function of aloe vera (Medicinal function)

Aloe vera is a plant that combines medicine and food. Chinese medicine believes that aloe vera tastes bitter and cold, has the effect of cooling blood, eyesight, liver heat, laxative, and stomach. Usually many small diseases can be solved with aloe vera!
1. Anti-inflammatory sterilization Aloe has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, so skin inflammation problems such as mosquito bites can be applied with aloe vera gel.
2. Healing wounds Aloe vera also has a strong analgesic effect, hemostasis, and promotes wound healing without leaving scars. Applying aloe vera juice to the wound has the effect of relieving pain and stopping bleeding.
3. Oral Health Aloe Vera contains vitamins and minerals that keep your teeth and gums healthy. In addition, aloe vera latex contains terpenoids, which can bite the flesh of aloe leaves with painful teeth, and can treat and relieve toothache symptoms.
4. Nourishing blood vessels An effective substance such as calcium isocitrate in aloe vera can strengthen the blood circulation, soften and harden the arteries, lower the cholesterol content, and expand the capillaries.

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