Road Construction Bitumen 85-100 foolad sooren

  Bitumen 85-100 is a kind of penetration bitumens. Bitumen is mostly used for road surfacing.

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Road Construction Bitumen 85-100 foolad sooren

    Bitumen 85/100 is also one the most popular bitumen grades for industrial usages, road construction, and other projects.  This Penetration-grade bitumen is mostly used for road surfacing.bitumen using as paving grade bitumen suitable for road construction and repair also for the production of asphalt pavements with a below technical specification. This grade of bitumen is mainly used in the manufacture of hot mix asphalt for bases and wearing courses. Bitumen 85/100 Manufactured from vacuum bottom by passing hot air. The bitumen is produced from remain of crude oil after cracking and removing hydrocarbon.

Penetration grade bitumen 85/100 has penetration between 85~100 desi-millimeter and the softening point between 41~ 49C. The penetration grade bitumen 85/100 has a thermoplastic property which is like as synthetic resin material which gets softer with heating and hardens when cooled. This grade of bitumen 85/100 has very strong viscosity compare to other grades.


This product must not be used in any application except what mentioned above. Mainly in road surfacing.


Additional information


1000- 1050 kg/m3

Penetration Rate at 25C


Softening Point ºC


Ductility 25C (cm)

Min 100

Flash PointºC


Solubility Disulfide %wt.


Stain Test


Wieght Loss by Heating %wt.

Max 0/5

Wieght Loss by Heating، %


Viscosity @60° C

5000 max

Ductility, (25°C),5cm/min,cm after TFOT


Retained Penetration after (T.F.O.T),%

50 min

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