Ribbon Fish (Cutlass Fish)


High-quality fresh Ribbon Fish (Cutlass Fish) by the largest producer in Iran is rich in vitamin B12, vitamin D, omega-3, protein, also, phosphorus.

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Ribbon Fish (Cutlass Fish)

Ribbon Fish (Cutlass Fish) is a horse-drawn kind of fishes with the scientific name Trichiuridae.

The exception of economically valuable fish and found in the waters of the Persian Gulf and the Oman Sea.
Ribbon Fish (Cutlass Fish) are exported to the countries of Vietnam, China, Korea, Japan and other Southeast Asian countries due to lack of domestic consumption scales.
Includes varied species, among which large numbers of species are abundantly in the eastern Persian Gulf region.

Ribbon Fish (Cutlass Fish) Specifications:

* Stretched body and relatively compact.
* 0 to 2 gills on the upper part and 1 to 8 on the bottom of the first bow of the gill.
* The lateral line bends to the bottom of the second dorsal fin with a large slope downwards.
* Body color in the back of the blue – Rainbow gray, blue side reflective side and numerous, wavy and thin strips.
* The maximum length of the body is 220 cm.
* Distribution: Throughout the Gulf and Oman Sea.

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