Low Aromatic white Spirit (Solvent 402) Tabriz Oil Refining Company


      White sprays or solvent 402 are a mixture of paraffinic and aromatic hydrocarbons with a distillation range of 200 to 142 ° C.

*This liquid gas is located on the Iranian Energy Exchange, 660$ per ton*

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Low aromatic white spirit (Solvent 402) Tabriz Oil Refining Company

   Low Aromatic White Spirit (Solvent 402) tabriz or White sprays are a mixture of paraffinic and aromatic hydrocarbons with a distillation range of 200 to 142 ° C. This solvent is clear liquids, and water-colored and have a mild odor, are chemically stable and not corrosive.

Low Aromatic White Spirit (Solvent 402) is based on kerosene produced in three grades:

  •  Solvent 402 A grade mainly usage is in the field of painting, draining, printing, and…
  • The 402-degree solvent mostly usage id in the industries of varnish and alcohol, cloth printing, home-made waxes and floor coverings, and so on.
  • A solvent equivalent of 402 grams of C mainly usage is in the production of lubricating solvent from the surface of metals and cleaning sprays and so on.


   Low aromatic White spirit or 402 Solvents are mainly used in rubber, plastic shoes, tire rubber solvent oil, solvent oil used in paints, coatings paint and washing solvents. organic phosphating system – metal pre-treatment before painting


  Avoid contact with eyes. Irritant. The product may cause aches, burning sensations and irritation. In particular, isobutanol is classified as a product that may cause serious damage to the eye.

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Additional information


775 min




10% Evaporated

158 min

50% Evaporated

179 max

90% Evaporated

194 max

dry point

198 max


1.5 max

colour saybolt

25 min



flash point tag

38 min

corrosion 3hr


sulfur total

0.1 max

doctor test


aromatic content

20 max

gum existent

5 max



acidity of residue


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