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Iran Bitumen 60/70

Iran Bitumen 60/70 is a high-quality bitumen binder known for its exceptional durability, adhesion, and resistance to cracking and rutting. This premium bitumen is extensively utilized in road construction, asphalt pavements, and various civil engineering applications.

Product Features:

  • Enhanced Durability: Bitumen 60/70 boasts superior resistance to wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting asphalt pavements that can withstand the rigors of everyday traffic.

  • Outstanding Adhesion: This bitumen exhibits exceptional adhesion to aggregates, ensuring a strong bond that prevents asphalt layers from detaching or cracking.

  • Crack Resistance: Bitumen 60/70 is highly resistant to cracking, even under extreme temperature fluctuations and heavy traffic conditions.

  • Rutting Resistance: This bitumen effectively prevents rutting, ensuring smooth and stable pavements that can handle heavy loads.


  • Asphalt Pavement Construction: Bitumen 60/70 is the preferred bitumen for constructing asphalt pavements, providing a strong and durable surface for roads, highways, and parking lots.

  • Road Construction:

  • This bitumen is extensively use in road construction projects, including road repairs, overlays, and new road construction.

  • Civil Engineering Applications:
    Bitumen 60/70 finds application in various civil engineering projects, such as airfield runways, bridges, and industrial flooring.

Iran Bitumen 60/70 benefits:

  • Reduced Maintenance Costs: The superior durability and performance of Iran Bitumen 60/70 help minimize maintenance costs associated with asphalt pavements and construction projects.

  • Improved Road Safety: Longer-lasting and stable asphalt pavements contribute to improved road safety, reducing accidents and enhancing traffic flow.

  • Environmentally Friendly: Bitumen 60/70 is produce for using eco-friendly processes and meets stringent environmental standards.

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Additional information



Penetration Rate at 25C


Softening Point ºC


Ductility 25C (cm)

Min 100

Flash PointºC


Solubility Disulfide %wt.


Stain Test


Wieght Loss by Heating %wt.

Max 2 /0

Wieght Loss by Heating، %


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