High-quality fresh CUTTLE FISH by the largest producer in Iran is rich in vitamin B12, vitamin D, omega-3, protein, also, phosphorus.

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    The fish , with the name Sepia pharaonis, has eight legs (six short and two long ones), a pair of eyes, one mouth with two non-jaw teeth, a body-shaped body in the form of an iron, The back of this Cattle Bone is an elliptical, sponge-shaped bony form. In addition to stabilizing the shape of the animal, it protects the organs and internal organs.
Squid is one of the Persian Gulf fish species, which hundreds of valuable fish are harvested by fishermen each year, and Also, are exported to far or near countries after processing in complete for or filleted processing plants.

Specification Of Cuttlefish:

Weight: 4 to 5 kg
Body length: One of the largest fish in the body, its body length reaches 42 to 43 centimeters. In females, it is about 33 centimeters.
Living situation: This species lives in warm water at 30 ° C. They can change colors like their affiliates.

The percentage of protein in the offspring is high and therefore it is considered as a fishery product. It can also be used in the industry and even in the pharmaceutical industry or can be used in some of its oyster shells for having minerals such as calcium.
As well as, cuttle fish usually have 8 arms, with 2 long tentacles placed among.

Exporting live and chilled squid to Taiwan, Vietnam, China, Thailand, and Qatar has a good boom.

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