CNC Spring Forming Machines

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CNC Spring Forming Machines


1. US-20 computer Spring Forming machine possesses Taiwan Computer control system and Sanyo/Yaskawa Servo Motors imported specifically from Japan to provide convenient and fast operation along with high speed and utmost precision.

2. It can consist of 4 Axis i.e. Cam Shaft, Feed Shaft, Rotatory Shaft and Spinner (Optional). All the 4 Axis can run in sync with each other.

3. There are 8 groups of Sliders, Cams and Cam Shafts in the Cam section. The Cam plate is fixed on the rotating shaft and can be screwed forward and backward, and used to push the movement of the slider. There are 3 ways of mechanical action: extrusion, stamping, and forming.

4. The feeding system is installed on the back of the machine horizontally. There are 2 sets of feeding bobbins. each pair of the feeding reels is a pair. The US-20 has only a pair of feeding reels with a thread diameter of 1.2 or less and can be used with more than 1.0 pairs. For the computer control wire length, the minimum wire feed unit is 0.01mm. Main Features: Low noise, high accuracy with the camshaft, rotating shaft.

5. The rotating mandrel can rotate forward and backward, and the curling device is installed on the slide. It can help realize multi-rotation, positive as well as negative rotation.

6. The position of each axis, the length of the feeding line, the production speed and the production quantity are all displayed on the screen. Editing and modifying program data, debugging is very convenient and quick.

7. US-20 machine can produce all kinds of tension spring, pressure spring, tower spring, double torsion spring, flat spring and many other types of springs. These can be used for lightings, electronics, toys, home appliances, sports equipment, automotive and other industries where precision springs are required.

Some important aspects of our 5 Axis Screw Machine are as follows:

1. Possesses a Taiwanese computer control system and imported Servo motor.
2. The computer has a Chinese interface with many benefits i.e. easy to operate, accurate positioning to name a few. The computer can control 3 to 8 servo motors. All motors can be synchronized or separately operated.
3. According to the working conditions on the fluorescent screen, the outer diameter angle of the product can be corrected at any time.
4. The auto-lubrication of the mechanical automatic parts ensures the long-term operation of the equipment.
5. When the wireless, disconnected, tangled line automatically shut down the design and automatic acceleration of the line frame, so that production is more easy and effective.

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