Castorex Barij Soft Capsule

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Castorex Barij Soft Capsule

Constipation is a dysfunction in the intestines, which manifests itself as the reduction in the usual motility of the intestines, dry stool, forced defecation, difficult defecation, defecation only in long intervals, or incomplete defecation. Constipation is a prevalent condition; its prevalence has been reported as 2-28% in adults. Although many patients self-treat with OTC drugs or home remedies, constipation takes up a high number of doctor visits and inflicts much cost. Apart from costs, avoiding the management of constipation results in a reduction in life quality and aggravation of anorectal disorders like hemorrhoids. Apart from dietary and behavioral treatments, a variety of medications are used: bulk-forming laxatives (made from natural resources, like agar, psyllium and herbal gums, or synthetic resources, like cellulose), emollient laxatives, lubricant laxatives, stimulant laxatives (like aloe vera, cascara, senna compounds, bisacodyl, castor oil), saline laxatives (containing ions like magnesium, sulfate, citrate and phosphate), and osmotic laxatives (made from polyethylene glycol).

Caster oil increases intestinal motility by stimulating the smooth muscles of the intestines. To most patients, castor oil has an unpleasant taste. Therefore, its formulation into a soft capsule increases patient compliance.

In the formulation of Castorex Barij Soft Capsule, fennel essential oil is also used, which, due to its stimulant effects on intestinal peristaltic movements, has laxative effects, and helps increase the efficacy of castor oil. In addition, it has spasmolytic effects in higher doses.

Additional information


1-2 times per day, 1 soft capsule each time with a meal.


Castorbean (Ricinus communis) Oil, Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) Essential Oil
Ricinoleic acid, anethol


Contraindications and Cautions

Pregnancy and lactation
Gastric and intestinal disorders(3)
Adverse Effects

Allergic reactions, photodermatitis and contact dermatitis have been reported.(3)

Drug Interaction

Non specified.

Administration during Pregnancy and Lactation

NOT to be taken during pregnancy and lactation.

Further Notes

Keep Castorex Barij Soft Capsule, like all other medication, away from sight and reach of children.
In case diarrhea and stomach problems occur, discontinue use.
Use of doses higher than that recommended is not allowed.
In case you forget a dose, do not double the next dose.
Pay attention to the expiration date, and do not take if expired.
Recap tightly right after taking the medication.
Keep the medicine away from light and at 15-30°C.
Keep this leaflet; you may need to read it again.


Based on presence of 560-610 mg ricinoleic acid per soft capsule.


1. Laxative

2. Treatment of constipation


Gastrointestinal System

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