Base Oil SN150 Petro Pouyesh

The base oil is obtained from distillation and refining of burnt oil.

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Base Oil SN150 Petro Pouyesh

     The base oil is obtained from distillation and refining of burnt oil. And manufactured oils are supplied in some grades. This division is based on flash point, viscosity, and other oil properties.

Base Oil SN150
Base Oil SN150 Petro Pouyesh

Mineral base oils

     Mineral base oils are obtained from a crude oil refining slurry. Mineral base oils are produced at three levels of quality (I, II & III) using different technologies. In this ranking, the percentage of base oil of base group I to group III, viscosity index and saturated saturation percentage decreased. These properties make the lubricant, in combination with additives, more durable and more efficient.

Synthetic oils

    Synthetic oils are produced by chemical methods. The most important synthetic base oils make up poly-alpha-olefins, esters, and poly-alkaline glycols. These basic oils are used to produce modern lubricants.

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Base Oil Recycle SN 150

Viscosity at 100 ͦC


Flash Point

190 ~180


2.5 ~ 1.8

Pour point


Sulphur content ,wt


Viscosity Index

90 ~ 80

Specific gravity @ 15. 6°C/ 15. 6°C


Carbon Content


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