API 7-1 Near bit spiral blade stabilizer

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API 7-1 Near bit spiral blade stabilizer

A Stabilizer for Every Drilling Application

Stabilizers are an integral part of the bottom hole assembly. They concentrate the weight of the drill collars on the bit, stiffen the BHA, and keep the drill collars away from the borehole wall, thus reducing the risk of stuck pipe.

We offer a large range of stabilizers for all possible bore sizes and formations. Special stabilizers such as roller reamershole openers, and key seat wipers complete this selection and make sure you will always find the right stabilizer for your drilling application.

Integral Blade Stabilizer (IBS)

Machined from a single piece of high strength AISI 4145H or non-magnetic steel, integral blade stabilizers (IBS) eliminate the risk of blades falling into the wellbore.

Available with either spiral blades at different angles or straight blades. Spiral blades ensure 360° surface contact, while straight blades provide maximum fluid concentration.

Dressed with an optimal hardfacing solution, our integral blade stabilizers are suitable for most formations, from soft to abrasive.

Hole size ranges

  • Straight blade stabilizer: 5” – 28 1/2”
  • Spiral blade stabilizer: 5” – 36”
  • Watermelon stabilizer: 8” – 28”

Welded Blade Stabilizer

With the blades welded onto a forged mandrel, welded blade stabilizers are an economical alternative to integral blade stabilizers for soft and medium hard formations.

Full-length heat treatment and thorough non-destructive tests of all welding welding seams ensure maximum robustness.

Available in straight blade and spiral blade design with 3 or 4 blades per stabilizer.

Stabilizer Blade Types

Sovonex welded and integral stabilizers are available with blades of the following wrap angles.

  • Straight blade
  • Open spiral: 180 – 220° wrap angle
  • Full spiral: 300 – 350° wrap angle
  • Tight Spiral: 500 – 600° wrap angle

Spiral blades are right-handed, but left-handed spirals can be furnished on request.

Replaceable Sleeve Stabilizer

Consisting of a single mandrel and a replaceable sleeve, replaceable sleeve stabilizers are are ideal in remote areas, where repairs and redressing of the blades are not feasible.

The sleeve can be changed easily on the drill floor without the need of special tools. As an additional benefit one mandrel can be used with sleeves of different sizes, reducing equipment costs.

Non-Rotating Sleeve Stabilizer (Rubber Sleeve Stabilizer)

Made from special polyurethane, the sleeve on a non-rotating sleeve stabilizer remains stationary on the mandrel during drilling. This way it stabilizes the drill string without underreaming.

Rubber sleeve stabilizers can be used in hard and abrasive formations, as wear on the sleeves is much lower compared to other stabilizer types.

Save and easy handling: Sleeves can be replaced fast and easily on the drill floor. Their seamless design prevents loss of sleeve in the wellbore.

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