API 7-1 diamond drill bits and rocker bit

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API 7-1 diamond drill bits and rocker bit

The main structure features:

— Tungsten carbide matrix PDC possesses high wear resistance and impact resistance.
— Parabolic crown profile and maximizes junk slot area can clean a bit better, and prolong the bit working life.
— Applying hydraulics balance design, 5 renewal nozzles, and reasonable nozzles locating angle can gain ideal fluid field in well bottom, fully clean and cool cutter, and prolong the cutter working life.
— Non-symmetry blade arrangement enhances drilling well balance.— Optimization for cutter shape, slant angle, cutter numbers prolong the cutter working life in combination with high-quality PDC cutter, and improve ROP and drilling efficiency.
— It can be used on a rotary or downhole motor.
— High HIS is recommended.

Product Advantages:

1. PDC cutters for high-speed drilling;
2. All cutters are the premium grade for extended bit life and durability;
3. Cutter layout is force balanced to drill a precise round hole and reduce bit whirl;
4. Large junk slots and flushing ports;
5. Advanced geometric design for faster penetration;
6. Gauge pads have tungsten carbide inserts for ma


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