Aloe Vera Gel Extract Powder 100:1


Aloe Vera gel Powdered, frees-dried, which should be mixed with certain proportions of water.we have three ratio: 50:1 , 100:1 and 200:1 , changes according to customer request. It is available in three grades: food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical

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Aloe Vera Gel Extract Powder 100:1

Aloe Vera has a very rich history popular in a variety of products. From all kinds of food products to use in the beauty and pharmaceutical industries.
Aloe vera leaves are very juicy, firm and clear. Many of the powder is a gel with the leaves of these herbs.


1. Aloe vera powder with its anti-bacterial function and anti-inflammation can cause ulcers.
2. Aloe Vera powder can remove the waste material from the body and circulate. Increase.
3. Aloe vera powder is a whitening, moisturizing, and very effective treatment for acne.
4. Aloe Vera powder can eliminate or reduce pain
5. Aloe Vera powder can prevent the skin from harming the ultraviolet rays of the sun, giving the skin a soft, elasticity.

what is Aloin?

Aoin is a natural anti-inflammatory, an anti-bacterial agent that plays a role in the body’s deoxidation and can also increase human immunity. In addition, it can enhance the function of the endocrine, in vitro, it is made of a sunscreen cream, an aesthetic effect on wrinkles.

Characteristics of Alvoin’s Material

1. Aloin can help to purify the blood, eliminate blood vessel problems, reduce blood pressure and increase the viscosity of blood, and increase blood circulation and prevent brain hemorrhage.
2. Alvin has an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and ulcerative function

Aloe vera Extract Powder

1. History of Aloe Vera Extract of whole leaf powder
Aloe vera gel: This gel is extracted from freshly harvested leaves. This gel turns into a bright, colorless gel after being filtered, whitened. This gel is mainly used in the preparation of cosmetics as a moisturizer and straightener. Most Aloe Vera gels contain 90% aloe gel, and the rest are from other ingredients that have been added, including sunscreen or other active ingredients, according to the use.

Aloe Vera concentrate powder concentrate in different concentrations, we also offer custom products for each customer.


**We produce Aloe Vera in pulp or non-pulp for our dear customers. Also, the size of the pulp and the degree of sweetness can also be changed at the customer’s request.
This gel can be pressed or unpressed and can also be condensed or not, at the customer’s request

**whatever you want from Aloe Vera**

Additional information

Aloverose (mg/kg)


Aloin (ppm)


Absorbency (0.5%solution,400nm)


PH (0.5% solution)


Moisture (%)


Pb (mg/kg)


As (mg/kg)


Total bacterial count (CFU/g)


Coli form (MPN/100g)


Mildew (CFU/g)


Pathogenic bacterium (salmonella, shigella, staphylococcus aureus)


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