Buy from IRAN Government directly

Purchase Specific Products from IRENEX

Due to lots of demands for some petroleum and petrochemical products from Iran. Government decide to sell these products through an auction, Iran Energy Exchange (IRENEX), or a public sale.


List of available products on IRENEX

How you can purchase from IRENEX?

There is some procurement for foreign customers who want to purchase above products, the most vital step is to get IRENEX registration code.

How to get IRENEX registration code

Documents required to obtain an IRENEX code for foreign legal entities (companies):

  • Complete IRENEX application form for issuing trade code – should be attached – and should be having an official seal of approval by Iranian Embassy where the company exists.
  • A passport copy of any board members.
  • Getting an official seal of approval on “Registration License” by Iranian Embassy where the company exists. (The license should be translated in “English” or “Persian”)
  • Introduction letter (Introducing a person or company along with his/her relevant banking account number on company’s letter head).
  • Company’s gazette.

Note 1: all the documents should be signed and stamped in Iran Embassy where your company exists. And a certified copy of them should be sent to Iran.

Note 2: foreign companies need to give a power of attorney to Vitfa company and announce it as their agent in Iran for purchasing their commodity.

How to pay to Iran government and Delivery

Foreign companies should pay %10 of fixed price as pre-advanced which is declared by IRENEX from 2-3 days before the transaction, to the brokerage or IRENEX to get the permission for entering the transaction. During transaction we are on your side to give an appropriate offer to be accepted in the deal, then you have at most 5-6 working days to check-out the other %90. For a specific commodity like LAWS, you will pay the other %90 to governmental refinery’s account in Germany with Euro. After at most 10 working days from the first payment, your product is ready and we, as your agent, will pick up the product for you, transit it to BND port of Iran from there to all over the world.